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martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Are you stressaholic?

Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental….
How start your day? You wake up, you take your time to stand up and detach yourself from the sheets, when finally you are with your senses at 60% walk to the bathroom (getting lucky not to trip over nothing, believe me, it have happened to me)you  take a shower so  wake up you at all, you take something fast to eat, fight with the daily traffic and when you get to your workplace you realize that have to do many things, also have to add the things you left pending by the previous day and above all you are starving because you didn’t eat enough at breakfast?
Well, if so, believe me you are not the only one that suffer this things, many people in the world sooner or later are stress,  the important thing is to know how to realize when we are stressed, know what causes it and the most important of all, have much willingness to leave behind that bad habit.
Habit? You will ask why I speak of a habit when I mention stress, and that’s because we unconsciously create the habit of always being stressed, we have become addicted to stress. We see it is there and not do anything about it; we follow the flow and the daily rhythm of day and nothing else. We either do not know how to organize our time, have poor eating habits, do not prioritize our activities and especially do not give quality time to ourselves.
To start the day with the right foot, start putting a clock with a slack time of 10 minutes at least to take some time to stretch out, then you needs to have your clothes ready and everything that you will use in the morning to be clean and changed quickly. Now for breakfast there are alternatives that will tell you I've tried and I can personally attest that they work, such as prepared or precooked meals, I prepare oatmeal the day before, and so in 2 minutes in the microwave with  milk and voila! That with an infusion or a cup of coffee in the morning is a great alternative to go long during the morning as the Oatmeal is a very good food that fights cholesterol, provides fiber and milk provides calcium.
When you get to work is essential that you have a timetable and an agenda, write down everything you do during the day. Then at the end of the day put a check at all that you already did  and so the next day so you take into account what you do and what you left so you would be able to prioritize what we should do first. At the end of the week you will have several tasks already done and some that are not, but let's not panic because there will always be setbacks and we are not superman! We cannot do everything! With all ordered and knowing what things are missing, we'll need to establish an end date to fulfill whatever we need or maybe we can ask for help, it could be to your work partner and that not only helps to lighten the workload but also makes you show up as a team worker, that you know how to recognize when you need help and especially be recognized as a person who is willing to learn and that’s always a positive image!
And after a day of work, if you have extra activities such as studying an extra course or as in my case, go to the gym, you must not take it as something difficult to do, but as an activity that engages yourself, either developing your knowledge or exercising your body to be healthy, in any form that does a lot for you.
And at night, after you do all you have to do and when you are about to sleep, take a minute to remember everything you did in the day, congratulate yourself because you did your best, breathe deeply, stretch and then close your eyes with a smile in your face and you'll see that the next day will keep smiling all day.

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